BASIC Babies

Our mission is to collaborate with businesses to build a network of resources to provide services to families/children seeking mentorship.  We provide mentorship to high profile families through community support.  We offer tutoring, shadowing opportunities, mental wellness-therapy, traveling incorporating education, funding for performing arts, health education, physical fitness opportunities, early pregnancy prevention, and direction for those seeking entrepreneurship.  Establishing a bond with each child and family is paramount to operating our nonprofit organization.  Donations (tax deductible) are accepted via PayPal by clicking the link below, or mail to: 
Basic Babies
10678 E. Greenville Hwy
Wellford, SC 29385 



Summer Dance Camp hosted by Son of Ice-The Sound of Learning

Lefty Liyah - Make Up Artist
Caitlyn's Closet-Childrens Boutique

Basic Babies participating in Holy Yoga  


Shadowing occupations in STEM



Sleepover/Lock In with the PLDT                                          



Charli - She's a creative that volunteers with helping hands.


 Marissa of Marissa's Memories-Child Baker

Elizabeth's Quinceañera





Coleton's Dump Truck Ride was granted for his 5th Birthday


Jaqueline's Quinceañera 




Virtual Students had a successful Senior Year C/O 2021        


Back To School Backpack Giveaway 2020


Teamwork of BASIC Babies & collaborating organizations to distribute food boxes to our community

       Volunteers for food distribution boxes for our community